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Refund Wishes
June Lists

 Please send me your wishlists, hopefully we can help one another,
thanks for reading!

I DESPERATELY need the NEW Kool, Merit, Capri Misty, Camel and most of all
the new VS catalog ciggy catalogs,! Just let me know what you want for

Purina One free $5.60
Country Bob's 12 oz sauce
Finest Cocktail Mix $3.69
Smithfield Lean Generation ground pork or sausage $2
Ludens free
Dasani 20oz bottled water
Light n Lively 6 pk yogurt
Soft Paw 10 lb cat letter
3 liter bottle of Coke Cola
Cool Whip free
Purina dog biscuits
Hot Wheels free
Hungry Jack pancake mix

Hefty 20 ct Handle Tie trash bags
Red Baron Pouches

The following are complete and ready to mail and have a
store dated unscanned RT. Some I have several deals of each of some, and
others only one deal.When trading $1-$1, please don't send me deals that
contain calculator tapes, thanks!
Post cereal free $3.69
Gillette Gift Pack, valued to $12.50
Fuji film $6.99
Warner Lamber movie ticket
Arm & Hammer TP free
Nabisco $5
Swift Brown n Serve free
Sudafed, etc $5
Dilbert T Shirt free $2
Luvs leakguard $8.99
Fuji Film $3.99
Dentu Care $3.80
Luzianna Tea free
Sensodyne $2
pepperidge Farms free $3
Quaker Oil nhl Free long sleeved shirt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
William grant $3
Hot Pocket's $1.69
Coor's Ice $2, good in most states ask!


******Looking for $5 Resource Wellness vitamin coupon, thanks!

M5M's, Carltons, VS, Mertis, B & H, Kools, Dorals
Myer's Rum 1l - 1.75 l upc
Tylenol arthitis upc
Pedicare upc
dove Nutruim 2 pk upc
Renuzit one touch scented gel warmer upc
duracell d4, C4, AA8. aaa8. 9V2 upcs, please id
Current Liquor qualifers
Kendall , Exon oil case upc
Creat Dual Action Whitening TP upc
Energizer mulit packs AAA8, AA12, AA8, C4, D4, 9v-2
Noxema Skin fitness triple blade, 4 pk cartiridge ipc
timber creek pants/shorts by wrangler, waistband tag or pocket tag upc
Sound of Music video or DVD upc                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Seagrams gin 750ml-1 l
Bandaid Advanced healing, Quik stop, Antibacterial bandaid upc
Bandaid foot care bandaids upc
Triaminic vapor patch upc
fujifilm 6 pk upc
Adias personal care Antiperant/Deod upc
Nexcare 1st aid, Gauze, non stick upcs
Endless Summer spout cover
Brita Pitcher filter systems upc
Just my Size boxed bra upc
Aleve upc
Ex Lax Milk of Magnesia upc
Tosti Asti 1.5 liters back label
Kahula 1.75 l
Scotch Brite Sweeper Starter Kit upc
Windsor Canadian 1.75 l
Candian club 1.75 l upc
Luvs upcs ID pts (no old)
Tang 9 qt or 10 pk upc
Scotch Brite High Performance Clothes pk 3's+
Polariod 600 platinum twin or singles upc
Serenity, KY Jelly, upcs
Cuszan Rum 1.75
Pokeman "First Movie'' tab

OTHER Stuff I Can Use:
Dial complete pump upc
Dial 40oz liquid
Dial 8 oz body wash
dial bar soap 8 pk upc
Kleenex dinner napkins upc
GE soft white 4 pk bulbs upc
Caltrate 600+D 180 ct upc
No Nonsense Sheer Endurance upc
Alka Seltzer/Alka Seltzer Plus upc
Lamersil upc
Energizer Multi pack upc: AAA12, AA12, AA8, C4,D4, 9V-2
ExLax 24 ct upc
Tagament HB 200 liquid upc
Oral B advantage dental floss upc
unused phone cards
Bacardi Breezer 4 pk or case upc
Sheer Endurance hose upc
Aquafresh gum/lozenges upc
Afrin No Drip
Probiatia upc
Stella cheese upc
Ragu Express upc
Abreva upc
Fram oil filter
Excedrin cooling pads
Suave bar soap
Centrum focused formula
Pepcid 5's or 25's
Butler gum Protector upc
DR Scholl's Advantavge sport upc
Dr Scholl's work insoles upc

Kendall, Exon ,citgo case upc (these only I have loads of the rest!)
Texaco, Sierra, Peak, Prestone antifreeze foil seals

birds eye simply grillin upc
Hickory Farms Product upc
Edy's products upc
Sargento Deli slices cheese upc
Healthy choice IC quart upc
Jolly rancher, jolly rancher passion fruit, tart n tangy, lolipops, good n pleny,
     super bubble 12 oz upc
Dole Fruit Bowls SMP Online Cash overwrap
Twizzlers 12 oz upc
lipton sizzle n stir
M & M's, mars, etc. Easter Bunny seals of approval
hormel Kid's Kitchen upc
Ball park upcs
knorr rice upc
Quaker bagged cereal , no puffed please
Yoplait Yumsters
Tang, Countrytime, 32oz upc
Rocher 12 pk
Chex "Software"codes
Ice breaker gum multipack upcs
Pop secret :"kernels" points

Rayovac batteries:
maximum carded, maximum multi card, maximum value pack, rechargeable
Panasonic Plus Alkaline upc
Power Charge Alkaline BATTERY card

Purina 17.6 weight circle
Come n Get it upcs
Alpho dry dog food upc
Purina One 3.5 weight circle cat or dog

Beefeaters 750ml upc
Muirhead 1.75
Ezra Brooks 1.75 l
Tosti vermouth back label
Seagrams 7, VO, gin l.75
SS Pierce 1.75
Arrow 1.75
Seagrams coolers 4pk upc
Heaven Hill Bourbon 1.75
Highland mist 1.75
Burnett's vodka/or gin 1.75
Marcus james 1.75
Ingelbrook wine back labels
Kentucky Tavern 1.75 l
McCormick irish rum
House of Stuart 1.75
Cluny Scotch 1.75
Chi Chi's 1.75
Ten High 1.75
St Brendans upc
Heather Cream 1.75
Ancient Age 1.75
Cossack gin or vodka 1.75
Ron Roberto
Allen's brandy, id what kind please
Stock Asti fronts
St Remy VSOV French Brandy Deluxe
Old Smuggler
Cafe Lolita 750 ml
Grand McNish
Fleishman's preferred, gin, brandy, vodka
Northern Light
Kentucky Tavern
Kentucky Gentlemen
Clan Macgregor
Old Thompson's
Kahula 1.75
Inverhouse 1.75
Captain Morgan
Ruinite 3 l fronts
S S Pierce

I also need prices for the following; allegra, prevaid, floranse, amprifex


I really need the new merit catalog, PLEASE!

Hershey's free candy
Budweiser 24 pk $2
Ronrico $3
Northern $10
Design Element Styling prod $2.99
Enforcer to $6
Jimmy Dean Milk
Motorcraft to $11.10
Muppet's Baby /marquee Children's book
Nasacort $15
Misty ciggy catalog
Capri ciggy catalog

August :
Fetzer $2 seafood
gilbey's gin/vodka $3
gilbey's gine $3
Martini & Rossi vermouth $2
Minute Maid martini & rossi pp
Nikolai $3
NK Lawn/Garden Sprouter $2
Smart Ones Bistro bowl offer
Castrol $3.60
Castrol bobblehead toy
Olympic deck cleaner pp
Taste of summer refund /coupon book
One a Day active vitamins $5

Kellogg's Joe Boxer shorts
Armor All free wax offer
Dutch Boy to $10

Brach's Halloween to $3
Whopper's/Milk Dud's Free

Dec 2001
Goldschlager/rumple minze/black haus/yukon jack $2
Sporanox $5
L"Oreal Excellence $10
L"Oreal Feria
Melitta travel mug coffeemaker
Shedd's Country Crock cookie jar
Tylenol PM $2
Physican's Formula Line Drive offer $2
Revlon Colorstay free (can use lots)

January 2002:
Aflexa PP
Kendall $3.60
Midol $2
listermint tp pp
Protonix $10

Motrin $2.50

April 2002:
 Kraft free product to $8.29 32oz Countrytime,
Koolaid, 20 oz Tang

Mazola Oil PP

Dec 2002
:Ex Lax $5 box 1377 only
December 2004:
Citrucel free gifts offer

NED: or ?????:
Harlequin porcelain doll free

Homemailer ciggy oupons
Marie Callendars
Uncle Ben's Rice Bowl
lean Cusine 50 cents
Frito Lay snack kits
Hormel 50 cents
Chef boy ardee 50 Cents
Charmin 50 cents
Resources wellness vitamins