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The following offers are SMP's.  This list is provided so that you will have some idea of which products to check the next time you go to the store! 

If you know of a SMP that is not on this list, please email Karen Weber and  give her the information.  It will be added here with the next update.
  Click the button below for Karen's email!
Email Karen Weber

Pillsbury Moist Supreme Cake Mix

Form on box for Pillsbury Giggle Doll exp 3/31

Papermate 3pk, RT10 3pk, Dynagrip Pens

SMP Form for form purchase price refund.

Pop Tart 12 Pk-Hanson T Shirt & 3 Glossy Pictures Exp 3/99 Blueberry Muffin Mix SMP for a Blue Betty Crocker Tin 1/99
Heinz Hang Tag-Buy 2 Bottles 40 Oz Heinz Ketchup And 1 Bag (2 Lbs Or Smaller) Ore Ida Fries, Upc's & Crt. Get Up To $2.99 Refund Ned Reebok Classic Old To New Enhanced Music Cd. Music From Various Sony Artists. Purchase Any Reebok Classic Collection Footwear Or Apparel & Send Ocrt & $2(No Cash), NAZ,Age, Shoe Size & Where You Saw Promotion. (Teen People Magazine)NED More info at
TMF Thick It Shampoo, Up To $5.99 Hang Tag Found On Bottle Of NutriTonic By Sally Hanson.  NED Instructs Retailer To Give You A Free Bottle Of Thick It 4 In 1 Shampoo Progain Hang Tag
Up To $4.99 Refund
Exp 3/99.
Sticker Form On Works Cleaning Products.  Exp 12/98, Get Coupon For Free Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner Frosted Cheerios SMP Coupon for "Great Clips For Hair" haircut & blowdry.   Value $2.99  Exp. 4/99
Kix Cereal SMP forms for 3 new Richard
Scarry Kids Workbooks.  Send 3 Kix UPC's and  $3, limit 3 per address.   Choices are Fun With Letters (Preschool);  Fun With Words (Kindergarten) and Fun With Reading  (1st Grade)
Double Boxtops for Education on SMP boxes of Cheerios.
Quaker Instant Oatmeal-Color Change Dino Bowl Form, 24 Empty Pkgs & $1 8/99 Kelloggs Racing Cap Offer-Form,2 Dated Tops From Part Cereal, $15.95 9/99
Domino 5lb Sugar-New Traditions Cookbook
2 Upc's & $2.95 Wsl
Contadina Measuring Teaspoon Offer-Form & 2 Upc From Canned Tomatoes $2 12/98
Franco American Spaghettio's-Scooby Doo Music Cd- Form,4 Pop, $1 9/99 Clairol Nice & Easy-Hang Tag For Up To $5.99 10/98
Finesse 40 Oz Shampoo Or Conditioner $1.50 Refund 11/98 Lysol Disinfectant Spray 2 Pk $1.50 Refund 12/98
Red Baron Pouches-Refund To $2.99 12/98 Snuggle -Bear Offer- 3 Upc 12/98
Smuckers Ice Cream Toppings-Form For $250 Off Ice Cream 12/98 Ragu-Inside Label Form For Free Blockbuster Movie Rental & Ragu Gift Cat 10/98
Peperidge Farm Layer Cake-Form For Free Portrait From Jc Penney 7/99 Cheerios(Lg Size)- Free Coupon For Golden Graham Treats 7/99
Golden Grahams-Free Coupon 18 Oz Reeses Sticks 7/99 Capri Sun Drink Mix-Free Up To $3.39 6/00
Q-Tips-$2 Refund Form On Package 11/98 Marie Callender Stuffed Pasta Trio Entree-Up To $2.99 On 1 5/99
Raisin Nut Bran-Free Coupon For Tasters Choice Coffee 2 Oz+ To $3.13 3/99 Honey Nut Cheerios-Cd Rom Baseball Gane 3/99
Chef Boyardee Microwave Meals-$1.32 Refund 3/99 Polaroid 600 Film-$12 Refund On 4 Packages 1/99
Rice Krispies 10 Oz-Refund Form For Free Kraft Marshmallows 12/98 Rice Krispies Cereals Or Bars-Form For Refrigerator Magnet W ith 3 Upc's 9/99
Caress-Free Book Offer-Upc's 1/99  Herbal Essence Body Wash-Form For Refund 12/98
Kotex Security Tampons-Try Me Free On Box 12/98 Acutrim 20's-Form For Free Sports Bottle 1/99
Havoline Synthetic Motor Oil- Form For Up To $6 Rebate 1/99 Hefty 20 Ct Handlesak Tall Kitchen Bags-Form For Free Box 3/99
Vo5 Fine Thickening Shampoo-Refund Up To $3.69 3/99 Depend-From For $7 Refund 3/99
Head & Shoulders-Hang Tag For Free Pump 3/99 Heinz 40 Oz Ketchup-On Package Form For Free Ketchup To $2.99 4/99
Quaker 24ct Fruit & Oatmeal Cereal Bars- Form For $2 Refund 4/99 Kudos-Free Music Cd Form 5/99
Wheaties- Free Golf Ball Form 6/99 Glad Lock Pint Size-Form For Free Package 6/99

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