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Refunder Complaint Corner
If you have had a problem concerning a trade that you have made with
another refunder,  please follow the guidelines below to submit your complaint. 
Complaint Corner  is in association with the Refunding Online Trading Forum however we would like to try to help with ANY bad trades, regardless of what Forum the trade started from.  We are in regular contact with the other refunders who maintain various bad trader lists and 
all bad trader information is shared with the other lists as well.
All complaints will be dealt with as soon as possible.
Before submitting a complaint, please make every possible attempt to resolve the problem between yourselves. IE: EMail the trader with your concerns, send a postcard, etc.
ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL ATTACKS, HATEFUL REMARKS OR COMMENTS concerning any traders. Complaints of this nature will be ignored.
If you have made a good faith effort to resolve this issue and have not settled your dispute, please fill out the form below. Please be as specific as possible CONCERNING THE TRADE ONLY. 
The "questionable" trader will be contacted by email and advised of the complaint. If the complaint is not rectified in a reasonable amount of time, that trader will be noted as having a complaint lodged against him/her. Once there have been three (3) unresolved complaints, the trader will be barred from any further postings on the Refunding Online Trading Forum and all information will be forwarded to the various other Bad Trader Lists on the internet.
Names of "questionable"  and/or "bad" traders will not be publicly distributed due to the legal ramifications of doing so. A list of "questionable" traders IS maintained. Should you be contemplating a large trade, contact Janet Warren with the name of the trader and she will advise you if that person is on the list. Only one request per e-mail please. 
No guarantees are made that your complaint will be resolved by registering it here. 
The only guarantee is that this person will no longer be permitted to make public posts once three (3) unresolved complaints have been lodged. We cannot, however, prevent the bad
trader from contacting you via e-mail in response to a posting that you may make in the 
future on any of the various lists or trading forums.
Please make any and all complaints regarding your trades via this page. Complaints received any other way will not be addressed. Please be sure to fill in ALL fields below!
Your Name: 
Your E-Mail Address:
Problem Traders Name:
Problem Trader's E-Mail Address (if known):
Date Trade Agreed On:
Details Regarding TRADE Only:
(Include dates you contacted trader via e-mail & snail mail)