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Refunding Terms
If you are new to refunding you may be wondering what in the world everyone is talking about when you see abbreviations. The following is a list of the most commonly used refunding terms as well as some "computer lingo" and their meanings. 
Addy  Address 
B1G1F  Buy One Get One Free 
B&H. BH  Benson & Hedges Cigarettes 
Complete Deal  Refund Form with all proofs attached 
C/D, CD  Complete Deal 
CNote  Proof of purchase from packs of Camel Cigarettes 
CB  Cardboard Backing found after all refund forms are taken from a pad. Ususally gives information on where you can write to obtain a form. 
C/O  Cash Off or Cents Off (refers to coupons) 
CPN(S)  Coupons 
CRT  Cash Register Tape 
CRTC  Cash Register Tape with price Circled 
Codes  UPC code number from the back of the product which some offers require you to write on the form 
Coufund  A Coupon that required proof of purchases to be attached to it. Used at checkout as a coupon. 
Code/Tape Offer  A refund requiring no proofs of purchase other than writing the upc code number from the product on the form and providing the CRT. 
DCRT  Dated Cash Register Tape 
DCRTC  Cash Register Tape with the purchase price circled 
EPOP  Each Pay Own Postage 
Refund Form 
Free Item Coupon  A coupon received after sending in a refund offer that allows you to get a full size product for free. 
Health Monitor Forms  Form found on blood pressure machines in many stores 
HBA, HABA  Health And Beauty Aids 
HT or Htg  Hang Tag refund form found hanging on product 
H/F  Handling Fee 
LMK  Let Me Know 
LOL  Laughing Out Loud 
LSAE  Long Self Addressed Envelope 
LSASE  Long Self Addressed Stamped Envelope 
XLSASE  Extra Large Self Addressed Stamped Envelope 
LSA(2)SE  Long Self Addressed Stamped Envelope with 2 stamps 
LTD  Limited Offer 
Money Plus OR $+  Offer requiring a handling fee in order to get the premium 
MF  Magazine Form 
MUM or M5M Marlboro Unlimited Miles or Marlboro 5 Miles
NAZ  Name, Address, Zip Code 
NpF  Newspaper Form 
Neckband  Lable taken from the neck of a bottle 
NB  National Brand or Name Brand
NBQ  National Brand Qualifier 
Np  Newspaper 
NPWUP  Newspaper Write Up (no form required) 
Nt Wt  Net Weight Statement 
NED  No Expiration Date 
OAS  One Any Size 
OAV  On Any Variety 
OSI  On Single Item 
1-4-1  One For One as in trades. Send 15 F get 15 F. 
POP  Proof Of Purchase 
PP  Purchase Price 
P/H, P&H  Postage & Handling 
Premium  Item received from a refund, like t-shirts 
Qualifier, Q  Proof of Purchase asked for on the refund form 
RE  Refund Express Magazine 
Request List  List of needed qualifiers, forms or coupons 
RMC  Refunding Makes Cents Magazine 
SAE  Self Addressed Envelope 
SASE  Self Addressed Stamped Envelope 
SF  Store Form found on a tear pad 
SMP  Specially Marked Package 
SNIP  Small piece of plastic cut from lids or caps as a proof of purchase. 
SS  Sunday Supplements (coupon inserts) 
Sweeps  Sweepstakes 
Tear Pad  Pad of refund forms found in stores 
TOB  Tobacco 
Tracing  A tracing taken from the package front as a proof of purchase 
UPC  Universal Product Code 
VS  Virginia Slims 
WSL  While Supplies Last 
WUP  Write Up 
This Page and All Graphics Created by 1998 SUSAN ZENNARIO